Top Android File Transfer Mac Software – MacDroid

Are you using devices with different operating systems and wondering how to transfer files between them? At first glance, this may seem quite a daunting task, but there is an Android transfer app that overcomes any transfer barriers.

MacDroid is your powerful yet easy-to-use assistant for exchanging files from Android to Mac, and the other way round. It comes into play when you need to transfer or back up your smartphone, doing its job efficiently. No matter if you need to move photos, music, videos or any other data, MacDroid provides all the features needed for seamless managing files. Fast and reliable file transfers are just a few clicks away. Explore more about MacDroid and other features it offers as the best Android file transfer app for macOS.

Core Benefits

Transfer any media between your devices

Need to add new tracks and TV series to your Android or transfer photos you just captured to the desktop? When it comes to how to transfer files from Android to Mac, MacDroid handles this at the touch of a button. You can move any type of file simply by connecting your devices via USB, no additional plugins are required. The transfer speed offered by the software is lightning fast.

Manage your Android files from the desktop

To edit your favorite photos stored on Android, you don't even have to transfer files from Android to Mac. Open photos in Finder and make changes right on the desktop without actually moving them. The changes made will be saved in your Android itself. That’s really convenient and saves a lot of time.

Work with entire folders

Having described MacDroid as the best Android file transfer solution, we should note that it transfers not only single files but entire folders as well. You can move the whole albums, playlists, and folders with documents to access them on every device.

Full support of MTP devices

By default, MTP is not supported on macOS. But MacDroid, an Android file transfer for Mac, lets you connect Android and other devices like digital cameras and MP3 players to your Mac and use them like any portable storage drive.

Final thoughts on MacDroid

Now, which Android transfer app to use shouldn't be a tough decision. It is MacDroid that offers you convenience and ease of use along with high quality and advanced functionality. Move files and folders, edit files without saving to your computer and enjoy the lightning fast transfer speeds with MacDroid.